Sea Vintage Hawaii began its journey in the Summer of 2021. Founders, & father-daughter duo, Dale and Ollie Hope set out to revive and relive the iconic Aloha shirt fashion era in the 1950s. The design brief was to evoke nostalgia with vintage prints and a focus on modernity.

As a forward-thinking brand, our social responsibility has led to the shift of our internal processes and priorities for the better. All of our shirts are hand-cut, sewn, and stitched one by one locally here in Waimea. As a result, each piece is a little different, deeming it a one-of-one. It is our utmost goal to achieve prosperity for all those associated with Sea Vintage Hawaii.

Our collective priority is harmony for the human race and to contribute to the protection of our planet through lower impact clothing production and the reuse of garments.

Dale & Ollie